Thursday, March 13, 2008

FAQ - Manual ( 61 to 70 )

61. What methodologies you are following

Methodologies are considered in 2 accounts.

1) There are a few methodologies like: v-model, spiral (most common), waterfall, hybrid, prototype, etc depends on the company.

2) Depends on the clients and the requirements.

62. How you will do the functional testing?

Functional Testing begins from Functional specification Requirements (FRS) Docs, understanding the functionality of the application with the help of Use Cases (If application is not yet developed), Start writing test cases and execute the test cases. Actual functional testing means verifying the dependent field on dependency Field. Example: once the user information is filled with all the Mandatory fields then only SUBMIT button should be enabled (i.e. Here SUBMIT button depends on dependency field)

63. Test case for Ball pen:

1. Check the ink in the pen

2. Check the grip whether it is comfortable to the user or not

3. Check the Pin point (Ball point)

4. Check the color of the pen matches with the cap

5. Check writing on the papers of all kind (Positive testing)

6. Check writing on the hard surfaces. It should not write (Negative testing)

7. Check writing after the ink gets over. It should not write (Negative testing)

8. Check the brand names written on outer cap as well as in refill

64. Test cases for Water Bottle:

1. Check water is in the bottle or not?

2. Check the cap of the bottle

3. Check the bottom

4. Check compatibility

5. Check for the nature of water (Hot or Cold as applicable)

6. Check for the purity of water (It depends on the usage of water whether it is for drinking or washing or any other purpose based on that check for it)

7. Check for the color and any contamination in it

65. Definition of System testing?

Determine whether the application is satisfying the user requirements. it includes the following activities

Usability testing

Functionality testing

Load testing

Stress testing

Security testing etc.,

66. What is the example of Integration Testing?

Integration Testing is of two types:

1. Top-Down

2. Bottom-Up

Now the second one is usually done in cases where the project is complex or complexities involved so as saying.

Now lets take the eg as u wanted to know taking Top-Down into account.

I will take the e.g. of Yahoo Mail.

Creating an account is one module and logging into account is one module yet another module would be clicking on Inbox. Yet other module would be clicking on inbox and compose and sending Mails. Clicking on options would be one more module.

What we do is first we create one account


Once in inbox and see mails. (Integration done)

Similar manner, do the same.

67. What is the difference between BUILD & RELEASE?

Difference number one: Builds refer to software that is still in testing, release refers to software that is usually no longer in testing

68. What is the diff between IE and Netscape in a web testing on a login page?

Netscape doesn’t recognize ENTER key Net scope does not support HTML code

IE Can Support

69. What is Bottle Neck testing?

If there is no sufficient time to do all planed testing activities. Then we can do testing on major functionality of the product. This could be achieved by ADHOC testing this is said to be bottleneck testing.

70. What is Test Scenario?

Test scenario is a high level description of business requirements, which is later decomposed into set of test cases.

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