Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to delete bugs in Buzilla

Follow the below steps to delete bugs in Buzilla

* You cannot delete a bug, but deletion of component or product can be done

* Login as an Administrator

* Administration -> Administrative policy -> Enable Allowbugdeletion checkbox -> save

* Select the component and Delete

How to get the DLL file from the GAC

To get the DLL file from the GAC

1. Go to C:\windows\assembly\gac_msil or C:\windows\assembly\gac
2. Copy the required DLL file

Desktop Items getting highlighted

If your Desktop items are getting Highlighted, just follow the below steps to resolve

Go to Desktop-properties -> Desktop (tab) -> Customise Desktop -> Web (tab)

Check if it is listed there?

If so, delete it

Problem solved :)

Rename Database Name in MS SSL Server

Would like to appreciate the nice posting in the below link which precisely defines how to change the Database Name...

Helped me a lott..
Thought of sharing this it might help some readers
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