Thursday, March 20, 2008

FAQ - Automation - QTP (141 to 150)

141. What is use of Step Generator?

Step Generator is used to insert a statement (function row method) of a particular object which is available in the Object Repository

142. What is Source Control?

The practice of tracking changes made to code is called Source Control.
Familiar Source control Tools are CVS, VSS, ClearCase etc

143. What is Batch testing?

Group of tests executing sequentially one by one is called Batch Testing. Every test Batch consists of multiple dependent test cases. In those batches every end state is base state to next case. Test batch is also known as Test suit or Test belt.

Generally Test engineers are executing test programs as batches because "End state of one test is base state to another test".
The result of one Script failure or pass, fails or passes the whole batch test.

144. What will you do when Object is not identified by the Object Repository?

Use Smart identification.

145. What is Smart identification?

Smart Identification is used by QTP, whenever it is unable to identify any object during run time. While identifying an object, QTP tries to match the mandatory properties first, if it couldn't find the object, then it adds assistive properties one by one to identify the object correctly. This operation is done by smart identifier and it is displayed in the results section along with one warning message. It's generally used to identify Web elements only.

146. What is Environment variable?

Environment variable is variable which is global through the testing.

147. What are the types of Environment variable?

There are 3 types of environmental variables

* User-Defined Internal
* User-Defined External
* Built-In

148. What are Exceptions in QTP?

The four exceptions are

* Pop exception
* Object state
* Test run error
* Application crash

149. Can we use Test Director with QTP?

Yes. We can use QTP 8.2 with Test director 8.0.
But we can’t use Test Director 7.2 with QTP 8.2. Because QTP 8.2 supports QC (
Quality Center)

150. What are the types of Actions?

There are 3 types of Actions available in QTP.

* Non-reusable
* Reusable
* External Actions

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