Thursday, March 13, 2008

FAQ - Manual ( 11 to 20 )

11. When a bug status will be changed to "DEFERRED”, by the developer? What might b the situations to change the status to deferred? Pls explain with an example

When a bug is not of high "priority" and it’s not going to cause any serious failure as such on customer's side i.e. it’s of low "severity" also, then the developer can change the bug status to "deferred”. For eg, while coding the GUI part of the application, developer has provided menus to navigate to other pages but he forgot to provide “NEXT" button on home page, which is a part of the requirement then he can defer it for later modification.

12. What report u generate after completing testing?

* Test Result Record

* Test summary report

* Defect report

* Release plan and Test review record

13. On what basis u design the test cases?

To design test cases there is templates for writing test cases. In the Templates there is serial number; action to be performed, test data, expected result, actual result and defect id has to be given. To design test case we have to provide each of these data for each function keys. These function keys are derived from FS which also derive from SRS.

14. Test cases for car and cell phone?

Test cases for car is

* To open the door open correctly

* To correctly start the car by using key

* To correctly move the steering

* Incorrectly move the steering

* Follow the traffic rules correctly

* Follow the traffic rules incorrectly

Test cases for cell phone

* To open the lock by given the correct security code

* Give incorrect security code

* To search the correct number for making call

* To search the incorrect number for making call

* To find the messages

15. What is difference between Client-Server and Web based architecture?

Client server is a 2-tier application. In this, front end or client is connected to’ Data base server' through 'Data Source Name’; front end is the monitoring level.

Web based Architecture is a 3-tier application. In this, browser is connected to web server through TCP/IP and web server is connected to Data base server, browser is the monitoring level.

16. Test scripts in the Manual testing ?

Test Script means test case documents in the case of manual testing. If we go for automated testing Test script means code of the test. In any mode of testing (i.e. in both Automated and Manual) first testers will prepare Test case index. It contains only all possible test case labels. Then testing people go for detailed test case writing. Then they prepare test procedure and test data.

17. At what stage of the life cycle does testing begin?

In life cycle testing begins right from after completion of coding that is UNIT TESTING

That comes under WHITE BOX TESTING after that integration testing after that SYSTEM TESTING i.e. is BLACK BOX TESTING

18. On what basis we’ll prepare the test cases.

SRS describes the requirements of the SW system. We use SRS document as a basis to write Testcases. We use tractability matrix as basis to decide whether the designed no. of test cases are enough. Requirement Traceability matrix is very important in deciding number of test cases and also in review process of test cases.

19. List five words that best describe ur strengths

Hardworking, quick learner, team player, stable and reliable.

20. Your exposure to GUI testing

Overall look of the web page, color requirements, content alignment, logo appearance and size of the object appearing on the web page etc.

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