Thursday, March 13, 2008

FAQ - Manual ( 31 to 40 )

31. How many test cases can you write an average for a day?

There is no measurement for writing the test cases avg for a day. That depends on functionality. If the functionality is critical we can write just 5 to 10 test cases otherwise

We can write 60 to 70. In this way the average for day is 30-35.

32. What does buddy testing mean?

Due to lack of time for testing, test engineer grouped with programmer to conduct testing as early as possible. Buddy means a group with programmer and tester. It is a type of ad-hoc testing

33. What are the difference bug, error, and defect?

Bug : Discrepancy in the application functionality

Error : Mistakes in coding

Defect : Deviations from the requirements

34. When the relationship occurs between tester and developer?

Developer is the one who sends the application to the tester by doing all the necessary code in the application and sends the marshal id to the tester. The tester is the one who gives all the input/output and checks whether he is getting required output or not. A developer is the one who works on inside interfacing where as the tester is the one who works on outside interfacing

35. Write 5 negative test cases for pen?

1. Throw the pen at a Wall and try Write in again.

2. Hold the Pen in the upward direction for 5 mins and try writing in.

3. Do not use the pen for 10 days and then try writing up.

4. Throw the pen in the water and then write up again.

5. Expose the pen to the heavy weather conditions and try writing up with the same.

36. What are the contents of FRS?

Function Behaviors Requirements (Outputs) of the System that is defined.

Specification (How, What, When, Where, and Way it Behaviors.

Function Requirement Specification.

This is a Document, which contains the Functional behavior of the system or a feature. This document is also known as EBS External Behaviors Specification-Document or EFS External Function Specification

37. Give me some example for high severity and low priority defect?

High severity:

Eg: Calculation bugs

Low priority:

Returning float with single decimal point with rounding the value instead of two decimal points can be treated as low severity.

Eg: Expected: 77.77

Actual: 77.8

38. What is the Difference between Web Application testing and Client Server testing ?

In both Tests we perform Load and Performance Testing. Testing the application in intranet (without browser) is an example for client-server. (The company firewalls for the Server is not open to outside world. Outside people cannot access the application.) So there will be if limited number of people using that application.

Testing an application in Internet using browser is called web testing. The application which is accessible by numerous numbers around the world (World wide web). So testing web application, apart from the above said two testing there are many other testing to be done depending on the type of web application we are testing. If it is a secured application (like banking site-we go for security testing etc.) If it is a commerce testing application we go for Usability Testing

39. Explain about Bug life cycle?

1) Tester->2) open defect->3) send to developer 4)->if accepted moves to step5 else send the bug to tester gain 5) Fixed by developer->6) regression testing->7) no problem in Built and signoff 8)->if problem in built reopen the issue Send to step3

40. What are the common defects revealed in Functionality Testing?

Page not found (Error 404)

Server not found

Page Errors


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