Thursday, March 13, 2008



Welcome all. This site is intended for those people who are trying to scale into the Testing Industry. The contents which I've posted here may be repeatable and you might have seen on some sites too. My intention is to integrate the concepts of Manual, Automation and Database testing with some basic exposure on other Technical stuff which I hope would really be of some help. Having plans to take this site on a big stride in future.

Let me know your comments and thoughts and my best wishes to all.

Some of the good forum sites on testing which I felt interesting are

Would add more friends

Please do share your thoughts too

Best Wishes



Anonymous said...

Hi zakir,

Your testing site is very useful for me..
I can acquire more about testing knowledge... keep it up..

All the very best for your bright future.

With love

shanu :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Zakir,

Ur site wil become more useful if u update it wit current FAQs.....:)
And also u can give diagrams for Bug Life Cycle......:)

Plant said...

Hello Zakir,

It's glad 2 read ur blog, But I feel, if u add few more current FAQ's, tht might help freshers.
I hope u wil consider my suggestion.....:)
Anyway thank u very much.

Zakir Hussain said...

Hi Plant / All,

Thanks for your suggestion and comments. I'm working on your suggestions. Little tied up with my job. Will post shortly.

Thanks again


Munni said...

This link will be helpful, who know C#, SQL, VB.NET, Oracle.
You can post it in the blog.

Zakir Hussain said...

Hi Munni,

Thanks for sharing this. Its really good. I'm pleased with your good inputs. Do share your thoughts



Shabeena said...

I have found one site, which is very useful(I believe).
I hope u will post in the Blog.

Zakir Hussain said...

So many thanks for your inputs shabeena. Its really nice site