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FAQ - Manual ( 51 to 60 )

51. How would you develop test harness?

Test Environment Test Bed

Test Environment’s/w and H/w

Test Bed: Test Documents like Test Plan Document, Test Case Document.

52. What is diff between stress & load testing?

Load testing will test the application by increasing the load to check the bottlenecks of the application i.e., at which situation /point the application performance degrades.

Stress testing is testing the application by giving repeated or heavy inputs to check the stability of the application i.e., whether it can withstand repeated inputs or not.

53. What is Risk Mitigation and who will involve in Risk mitigation plan?

1. What are types of problems that may occur in future while testing on the application and what is solution to overcome that problem.

2. Project manager or quality analyst is involved in it.

54. What is error guessing?

Random condition data used for testing. It applies the tester’s experience on testing. For example, in web application checking the site by giving the Internal URL without logging-in the application

55. What are the techniques you follow to write Testcases?

a] Equivalence Partitioning: - An equivalence class is a subset of data which representative of larger class. Equivalence partitioning is a technique for testing equivalence classes rather than under taking exhaustive testing of each volume of larger class.

Example: - A program which edits credit limits within a given range ($10,000 - $15,000) would have three equivalence classes

Less than 10,000 (Invalid)

Between 10,000 & 15,000 (Valid)

Greater than 15,000(Invalid)

b] Boundary Value Analysis: - It is a test data selection technique in which input data is selected from the input and output boundaries of a given functions. It is a technique that consists of developing test cases and data that focus on the input and output boundaries of a given function.

Example: - Salary should be between 10,000 and 15,000. so test data should be between

Low boundary plus or minus (9,999 & 10,001)

On the boundary (10,000 & 15,000)

Upper boundary plus or minus (14,999 & 15,001)

c] Error Guessing: - Error guessing is based on the theory that test cases can be developed based upon the intuition and experience of test engineer.

Example: - Where one of the inputs is date a test engineer may try February 29, 2004 or 9/9/99

56. What is TRM?

TRM means Test Responsibility Matrix..

TRM: It indicates mapping between test factors and development stages..

Test factors like: ease of use, reliability, portability, authorization, access Control, audit trail, ease of operate, maintainable.. Like data may be u know about development stages..

Requirement gathering, Analysis, design, coding, testing, and maintenance

57. What is deferred?

Deferred means delayed. For time being if the developer is delaying in fixing the bug then the status will be given by developer as differed.(it means he confirms that it is a bug)

The delay is because of so many reasons like due to lack of time due to new technology which the developer doesn't know due to lack of resources due to there are other high priority

bugs to be fixed.

58. Test cases for IE 6.0

Test cases for IE 6.0 i.e. Internet Explorer 6.0:---

1) I go for the Installation side; means that-> is it working with all versions of Windows, Netscape or other software’s in other words we can say that IE must check With all hardware and software parts.

2) Go for the Text Part means that all the Text part appears in frequent and smooth manner.

3) Go for the Images Part means that all the Images appears in frequent and smooth manner.

4) URL must run in a better way.

5) Suppose some other language used on it then URL take the Other Characters, Other than Normal Characters.

6) Is it working with Cookies frequently or not?

7) Is it concerning with different script like jScript and VBScript.

8) HTML Code work on that or not.

9) Troubleshooting works or not.

10) All the Toolbars are work with it or not.

11) If Page has Some Links, than how much are the Max and Min Limit for that.

12) Test for Installing Internet Explorer 6 with Norton Protected Recycle Bin enabled.

13) Is it working with the Uninstallation Process?

14) Last but not the least test for the Security System for the IE 6.0

59. What is the difference between web based application and client server application as a tester’s point of view?

According to Tester's Point of view

1) Web Base Application (WBA) is a 3 tier application Browser, Back end and Server.

Client server Application (CSA) is a 2 tier Application Front End, Back end

2) In the WBA tester test for the Script error like java script error VB script error etc, that shown at the page.

In the CSA tester does not test for any script error.

3) Because in the WBA once changes perform reflect at every machine so tester has less work for test.

Whereas in the CSA every time application need to be installed hence it may be possible that some machine has some problem for that Hardware testing as well as software testing is needed.

60. What is the difference between functional testing and regression testing?

Functional testing is a testing process where we test the functionality/behavior of each functional component of the application. i.e., minimize button, transfer button, links etc.

i.e., we check what is each component doing in that application...regression testing is the testing the behavior of the application of the unchanged areas when there is a change in the build. i.e. we check. Whether the changed requirement has altered the behavior of the unchanged areas the impacted area may be the whole of the application or some part of the application.

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