Monday, June 14, 2010

How can we calculate minimum number of expected testcases for a product

The minimum number of testcases cannot be counted directly. Only based on requirements, we can calculate the minimum number of test cases.

Using SRS-->Functional requirements-->Function point analysis will be done, based on that, testers can do test point analysis-->based on that no.of.test cases can be calculated.Remember it is only one of the way, other ways are also practiced.

EMC is one of the methods, EMC stands for Easy Medium and Complex functionalities, we can roughly allocate,

easy functionality--> x no.of test cases ;

medium functionality-->y no.of. functionality


complex functionality-->z no.of. functionality,

so the no.of. test cases can be

Total no.of. test cases = {X * no.of.easy functionalities} + {Y * no.of.medium functionalities} + {Z * no.of.complex functionalities}


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Zakir Hussain said...


So nice to hear from you. I'm good and hope things are fine on your end. True that there is no article from last one year since I didn't find time and was tied up with some commitments.

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